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Our Policies

Milo International Language Center Policies

IEP Late Arrival and Early Departure:
If a student is between 5 – 10 minutes late to any class period or leaves 5 –
10 minutes before the class is dismissed, he/she will be marked “late” or
“early departure”. Three tardies or early departures in one week will count as
one hour absent. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late to class or
who leave more than 10 minutes before class is dismissed will be marked
absent for the entire class period.

3 tardies in one week = 1 hour absence

Academic Progress:
In order to advance from one level to the next, students must achieve a
minimum final score of 70%. Students will only be allowed to repeat a level

Students in Milo’s language training programs are assessed via quizzes, oral
presentations, a midterm exam, and a final exam.

Student Conduct:
Milo International Language Center reserves the right to cancel a student’s
course in case of serious misconduct. Students should be familiar with the
Conduct Policy outlined in the Student Handbook. All students receive a
Student Handbook during registration.

All students in Milo’s language training programs are given a Placement Test
to determine the level in which they will be placed. Students who complete a
program of 12 weeks or more are also given an Exit Test.

Electronic Devices:
All electronic devices, including cell phones, tablets, tablets, MP3 players ,
camera cell phones, digital cameras or laptops, are not to be used during
class unless the instructor explicitly authorizes their usage for a class-related

- For academic issues (grades, placement, homework, etc.), please speak with
your instructor or see the Academic Director.
- For student services issues, please see the Student Services Coordinator.
- For admissions, immigration or financial issues (payments, refunds,
attendance, etc.), please see the Administrative Director/PDSO.
If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily, students may speak with the
School President.